APO-go Pump technical support

Genus endeavours to provide patients and healthcare professionals with all the information that they will need to use the APO-go Pump and set the flow rate and bolus/priming dose. Visit the Resources page for more information

Set up queries

To ensure you and your patients feel comfortable and confident about APO-go medication and equipment, full initial and on-going APO-go Pump training is provided. There are comprehensive reading materials available to provide all the information you will need to set up an APO-go Pump. If you haven't received these items, or would like an additional copy, you can download them here.

These materials should help you to resolve any issues you have in setting up
a Pump.


Pump error messages

If your patients’ APO-go Pump displays an error message please refer to the relevant section within your copy of the APO-go Pump handbook for guidance on what to do. If you haven't received this item, you can download it here. You can also contact the APO-go Helpline for further help and advice.

In the unlikely event that an error cannot be rectified, a replacement APO-go Pump will be sent out immediately.


Battery replacement

If your APO-go Pump isn't working or is working very slowly, your Pump battery may be low or have run out.

If this is the case, the low battery warning will appear on the screen of your Pump to indicate that the battery should be changed. You should try to do this as soon as possible to avoid interrupting any subsequent infusions.



If the battery is allowed to expire completely, the screen will show the message ‘BATT’ and the Pump will stop working. The battery must be replaced immediately.



The battery can be easily replaced with use of the APO-go Pump battery compartment opener key ring (supplied with the original APO-go Pump within
the packaging).

Using the key ring opener, open the battery compartment and replace the old battery with a new one (a spare Pump battery is supplied free of charge in the original Pump packaging).

If you do not have the battery compartment key ring, and/or cannot open the battery compartment, contact your Parkinson's nurse immediately.